Master Trainers

The TIA QuEST Forum sanctions individuals as TL 9000 Master Trainers when they meet certain qualifications defined in the Master Trainer Qualification Procedure. A person must meet the following and more to qualify as a Master Trainer:

  • Significant experience in the telecom/communications industry
  • Fluent in English and can converse with the TIA QuEST Forum Subject Matter Experts without a translator
  • Completed the 3-step Train-the-Trainer Program and passed all exams
  • Successfully led the auditing or implementation course for a TIA QuEST Forum selected training provider

Master Trainers

The following people are TL 9000 Master Trainers

  • Woobyung Chae – Bizpeer
  • Lt. CoL. Yash Pal – BSI Group India Pvt Ltd
  • Peter Rigby – Bywater Excel – UK
  • Jawad Khalid – Etisalat Academy
  • Jacky Yeung – HKQAA
  • William Wong – HKQAA
  • Hisahiro Yoshizaki – Technofer
  • Isao Uchida – Technofer

Supervisory Master Trainers

The following Supervisory Master Trainers approve Master Trainers when they meet the criteria described in the Master Trainer Qualification Procedure.

  • Sheronda Jeffries - Cisco
  • Ken Koffman - TIA QuEST Forum
  • Dave Sanicola- The Desara Group
  • Karen Rawson - The Desara Group
  • Alan Rutherford - Bywater Excel