The TL 9000 Quality Management System Measurements Handbook requires TL 9000 registrants to compare their performance against available industry data. TIA QuEST Forum calculates the average performance of all certified TL 9000 registrations in the appropriate categories and makes this benchmark data available free of charge to TL 9000 certified organizations.

TL 9000 Performance Data Reports (PDRs) are calculated monthly and annually.

PDRs are compiled from mandatory monthly data submissions from all TL 9000 certified registrations, as required by the TL 9000 quality management system. TIA QuEST Forum's TL 9000 Administrator, the University of Texas at Dallas, manages the database, oversees operations and produces the PDRs. The TL 9000 Administrator also guarantees complete security and contributor anonymity.

Monthly PDRs

  • Available free to TIA QuEST Forum supplier and service provider members through the TIA QuEST Forum/TL 9000 portal. Login
  • Available by purchase to TIA QuEST Forum liaison members and non-members. Pricing
  • Provides Best-in-class, worst-in-class, industry average, and monthly average. How to calculate
  • Published two business days after the data is due each month. Schedule

Annual PDRs

  • Available free to all TL 9000 certified registrations, including TIA QuEST Forum members and non-members
  • TIA QuEST Forum members can access all product categories. Non-TIA QuEST Forum members can access only their certified product categories. In some product categories where there is no data, data from a related product category is made available. See Table.
  • Published annually in late February for the prior year
  • Provides the industry performance data needed to meet Requirement 3.5.2 i) of the TL 9000 Quality Management System Measurements Handbook
  • Accessed through the TL 9000 registration home page via link to ‘View Annual Performance Data Report’
  • Shows industry average and number of data points included in the average from all certified registrations over the prior year
  • Shows the best-in-class value for December from a single registration. NA (Not Available) means there was not enough companies or registrations reporting data to produce an output.
  • Shows the Average Monthly Normalization Units applicable to the measurement. When the same normalization unit applies to multiple measurements it is listed only once.

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