Supplemental Measurements Library

This Library is a product of the IGQ Work Group of the TIA QuEST Forum. The information included is not published in the current version of TL 9000 Quality Management System Requirements or Measurements Handbook. It is subject to change by the Work Group with the latest version always appearing here.


The Library contains measurement(s) that are not “official” in the sense of being required as part of the TL 9000 Measurement Handbook. However, they may be useful in two contexts: Documenting measurements that may one day be included or as an inventory of measurements that individual organizations may use in their own particular circumstances.


The included measurement(s) generally originate from sub-teams of Work Groups or from organizations participating in the TIA QuEST Forum who have found them useful. They have been reviewed, edited and formatted to be consistent in approach.


The measurement(s) are downloadable. However, the TIA QuEST Forum takes no responsibility for revisions of that downloaded material.

General Measurements

Software Measurements

Process Measurements:

Note: For guidance on process measurement, see: Set Up and Operation of a Design Process Measurement System. The process measurements are included below.

  1. Defect Removal Effectiveness
  2. Phase Transition Monitoring
  3. Milestone Delay
  4. Peer Review Defect Tracking
  5. Requirements Traceability
  6. Requirement and Design Stability
  7. Test Execution

Security Measurements

The documents below contain security oriented measurements and assessments.

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Measurements

The documents below contains quality measurements for Network Function Virtualization and other supporting information.

Wireless Handset Measurements

Software Supplier Scorecard Measurements