Data Submissions

This section provides information about making and understanding TL 9000 data submissions.


Data submissions in all categories are subjected to additional tests that compare the data submitted in the current month to data submitted in previous months plus other checks. This may result in the issuance of ‘Advisories’ listed on the Data Submission Receipt. Details of these advisors are found in the paper DSR_Advisories.

Auditors should read the paper Auditor Refresher for TL 9000 Measurements Advisories to understand their impact on the TL 9000 audit.

Due Dates

The TL 9000 QMS Measurements Handbook requires certified TL 9000 registrations to submit their appropriate quality measurements each month no later than 7 weeks after the end of the month. The table of due dates is as follows:

Month of Data Due Date Month of Data Due Date
January March 21
March 20 in leap years
July September 18
February April 18 August October 19
March May 19 September November 18
April June 18 October December 19
May July 19 November January 18
June August 18 December February 18

Note: For the purpose of determining whether a data submission is on time or late, the TL 9000 system clocks utilize UTC, Coordinated Universal Time, and not the local time of the submitter.


If data is submitted in error, it must be corrected and resubmitted. However, data more than two years old does not have to be submitted. The age of data is determined by the month of data that is currently due. On February 15, 2022 the December 2021 data is due so resubmission would apply to data from January 2020 through December 2021. Data from 2019 or earlier can be resubmitted but does not have to be resubmitted.


Data can be submitted online or by using a data submission template. There is a data submission template for each product category, registration option, and product category table.

Product category table templates earlier than 5.6 are now obsolete and not available.