Training For Auditors

New Auditors

For an ISO 9001 accredited auditor, the following training is required –

  • TL 9000 Requirements R6.3 – instructor led
  • TL 9000 Measurements R5.7 – e-learning (4 courses) or instructor led
  • TL 9000 Quality Management System Requirements Release 6.3 and Measurements Release 5.7 Auditing – instructor led

Training for Auditors – see note below

TIA QuEST Forum offers training courses for Auditors to maintain their certified auditor status for TL 9000 release 6.3 Requirements and release 5.7 Measurements.

Older versions of Delta courses are archived and are no longer available.

*This course may be taken as an instructor-led course or as e-Learning.

**This course may be taken as an instructor-led course or as a set of 4 e-Learning courses.

Note: Individuals that took the TL 9000 Auditors course prior to the R5.0/R5.0 version that have maintained their training by taking all of the applicable delta training courses need only to take the above delta training courses plus the Mandatory 3rd Party Auditor Training Course or Mandatory 3rd Party Auditor Training Test-Out Option to meet the training requirements to become or be reinstated as a TL 9000 Auditor. Anyone who did not maintain their training will need to take the Auditor training and its associated pre-requisite courses again.