Delta Training

The table below shows the delta training courses required for a TL 9000 auditor according to the Handbook revision levels of their original Auditors training course.

All available delta courses may be found on e-shop. Please note that individuals trained to any release of the TL 9000 Requirements or Measurements Handbooks prior to R5.0 are required to complete the full training course offered by TIA QuEST Forum's Authorized Training Providers, and any associated prerequisites.

Learner's Base Training Level
(Reqs/Meas Release)
5.0/5.0 5.5/5.0 6.0/5.5 6.2/5.7 6.3/5.7
Is Delta Training Course Required?
Measurements Delta 5.6->5.7 Yes Yes Yes No No
Measurements Delta 5.0->5.5 Yes Yes No No No

TL 9000 Requirements Handbook Issue Date Delta e-Learning
R5 15-Nov-09 Yes
R5.5 31-Dec-13 Yes
R6.0 15-Sep-16 Yes
R6.1 31-Dec-17 No
R6.2 01-Apr-20 No
R6.3 16-June-21 No

TL 9000 Measurements Handbook Issue Date Delta e-Learning
R5.0 30-Jun-12 Yes
R5.5 30-Jun-17 Yes
R5.6 30-Jun-19 No
R5.7 30-Jun-20 Yes