Similar Product Category Table

The Annual PDR data is available free to all TL 9000 registrations. Each registration can see only the data for their product category. However, in some categories there is not enough data to produce the PDR so the QuEST Forum makes available the Annual PDR data from a similar product category for those categories where a similar category exists.

Product Category with no data Similar Product Category with data
2.4 - Service Logic (SL) 6.1 - Enhanced Services - Satellite Antenna Systems - Radio Antenna Systems - Optical Antenna Systems - Radio Antenna Systems - Metallic Carrier Systems 8.6.1 - Software Componenets - Analog Video Transmission Equipment - Digital Video Transmission Equipment - Legacy DSL - Asymmetric DSL - Symmetric DSL - Asymmetric DSL - IP - Asymmetric DSL - Combined - 4G Base Transceiver System - Tablets - Smart Phone Wireless Subscriber User Terminals
8.1.1 - Discrete Semiconductors Voice 8.1.2 - Integrated Circuits