Administrative Report

The SOTS Administrative Report is an optional tool that can be used both to validate that the databases of TL 9000 related outage data belonging to both the Customer and Organization are in alignment for the report period, and as part of the Reconciliation process to identify the specific records that are in disagreement and causing a difference.

Past experience has shown that during implementation of the SOTS process and during the first few months, many discrepancies will be found on the Administrative Report. However, since this process can be highly automated, corrections can be made in the underlying automation, and after that, the Administrative Report to run with few to no errors every month.

Administrative Report Counting Rules

Only outages within the scope of TL 9000 will be included in the Administrative report. Any outage records that are determined to be outside of the TL 9000 scope shall be excluded from SOTS. Examples of records outside of the TL 9000 scope include events that are shorter in duration than TL 9000 minimums, or events that do not meet the TL 9000 definition of an outage.


Because the changes introduced by the reconciliation process can be made in both the Customer and Organization databases, it is essential that a new Administrative Report be generated after the changes have been made. Only by generating a new Administrative Report can all parties be assured that all data is in alignment and that agreed changes were made.

Administrative Report Templates and Example

Admin Report Template (Excel)

Admin Report Template (Word)

Admin Report Example (PDF)