Anonymous Post Audit Feedback

Oversight Work Group (OSWG) is looking for input from people participating in the third-party audit process. In the spirit of improvement, the OSWG established an anonymous feedback mechanism on the TIA QuEST Forum website under TL 9000 Registration web page to gather input from anyone who participates in the third-party audit process. The intent is to help ensure TL 9000 certification integrity, so auditor, auditee and observer feedback on recent external audit experiences is welcomed. The Accreditation and Certification (AB/CB) Sub-team reviews this feedback periodically to determine if any improvement ideas can be explored and acted upon. Here is the result of the recent review of the Anonymous Post-Audit Feedback Summary Communication.

Use the Anonymous Post-Audit Feedback link to provide feedback. The feedback is strictly anonymous, therefore, no response can be provided to anyone directly on their feedback.

(This is not a channel for formal complaints. Formal complaints should be filed with the respective Accreditation Body or Certification Body per their complaint process.)

Anonymous Post-Audit Feedback

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Anonymous Post-Audit Feedback