Category Selection

In order to make the best possible use of the performance data available with TL 9000, you must select the correct category or categories for your certification. If you select an incorrect category, you will not be comparing your organization to other organizations like you and the performance data comparisons may lead to bad business decisions. It is imperative to put maximum effort into making sure the correct category is chosen for your TL 9000 certification. To assist you with this process, the Performance Data Reports team of the IGQ work group prepared the following documents. In addition, this team frequently gives workshops at TIA-QuEST Forum's Best Practice Conferences on category selection. The workshops usually are held just before or after the conference and normally are free of charge.

Category Verification and Approval

It is an objective of the TIA-QuEST Forum to provide TL 9000 industry statistics that are as accurate as possible. In order to ensure accurate data, TL 9000 Certified organizations must be reporting their data in the correct categories. The purpose of the Category Verification and Approval process is to help ensure that occurs.