TL 9000 Experts

TIA-BPC recognizes the following individuals as TL 9000 experts for their knowledge and use of the TL 9000 Quality Management System.

TL 9000 Experts

Certified Date
Sheronda Jeffries Cisco Systems 2009-03-16
Charles Morton NQA (National Quality Assurance) 2009-04-28
Karen Rawson The DESARA Group, Inc. 2009-04-28
John Wronka Juniper Networks, Inc. 2009-06-02
Davide Ceruti Cisco Systems 2009-11-17
Nancy Patterson Teltech Group 2010-03-01
Stephen Choy Infinera Corporation 2012-08-14
William (Bill) Jibby Business Performance Community 2013-03-19
Jawad Khalid Emirates Telecommunication Corporation (Etisalat) 2018-01-31
Alan Rutterford Bywater Excel 2019-03-13


Detailed requirements for obtaining and maintaining either of these certifications are listed in the document TL 9000 Individual Certification Requirements.

There is a $25 fee for the first year of certification and a $10 per year fee annually to maintain certification.

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