TL 9000 Requirements Handbook Release 6.1

Effective 31 December 2017
This revision contains input from the IGQ Design and Development Requirements Generalization subteam. The goal of this effort was to make the TL 9000 design requirements more clearly applicable to any software development methodology, including Agile and DevOps. The intent of the requirements has not changed from R6. No new requirements were added, and none were deleted. Only the following sections were modified:

  • Revised Section 8.3 Design and development of products and services
    • 10 requirements were modified to make them methodology agnostic
  • Revised Section 8.6 Release of products and services
    • 1 requirement was modified to make it methodology agnostic

This release is the equivalent of TL 9000:2016 (R6). It does not replace R6.

Existing Certifications must migrate to either R6.0 or R6.1 before R5.5 becomes obsolete on September 15, 2018. Those Certifications that have migrated or are in the process of migrating to R6.0 may continue under R6.0 and may choose to migrate to R6.1 after the effective date listed above. Existing Certifications already on R6.0 do not have to migrate to R6.1 unless they wish to.

Because all the changes in R6.1 are simply rewording of existing requirements with no change in intent, there is no associated mandatory auditor training. Any auditor qualified to conduct audits to R6.0 may conduct an audit to R6.1.

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