TL 9000 Measurements Handbook Release 5.5

Effective June 30, 2017 - 20 pages
The TL 9000 Quality Management System (QMS) Measurements Handbook Release 5.5 consists of two modified sections, a new section, and an associated set of Category Tables.
The new material in the R5.5 Point Release is:

  • A modified section 7.1 FR where the NYR measure has been removed
  • A modified section 8.1 SFQ where the denominator value has been changed
  • A new section 9.3 IRR which introduces a new measurement on the responsiveness to incidents
  • A revised set of Product and Service Category Tables

The R5.5 Point Release material is available for download free of charge at the link listed below. The associated R5.5 Category Tables are available on the Latest Product Category Table page below.

A full electronic copy of the R5.5 Handbook will be available for purchase in the future.
The full handbook will contain nine sections, two appendices, a glossary, bibliography, five figures and 63 tables.
Data submissions under this handbook may be made for July 2017 data and must be made for December 2017 data and following.

Download R5.5 Material

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