To all TL 9000 certified organizations:

TL 9000 Measurements Handbook R5.5 Transition

All TL 9000 certified organizations were required to use the R5.5 Point Release for the submittal of their December 2017 TL 9000 data. This data was due on February 18, 2018. Verification of conformity to a new TL 9000 Measurements Handbook release is performed by the organization's Certification Body during the next scheduled audit of the organization. Once verification is complete, the Certification Body revises the organization's Registration Management System (RMS) profile to reflect the new Handbook revision number. With the minimum annual third-party audit cycle for TL 9000 Certifications, the deadline for verification of conformity to R5.5 is February 18, 2019.

There will be a short grace period to allow Certification Bodies to complete their documentation and approval process and update the RMS profiles due to this transition. Organizations who have not transitioned to the R5.5 Measurements after that timeframe will be shown as expired.

1. Changes from Measurements Release 5.0 to 5.5
2. Alert 18-007A at https://tl9000.org/alerts/alerts.html