NACE Classification Codes

NACE Codes to Qualify Auditors
NACE (Nomenclature des Activités Économiques dans la Communauté Européenne) is a European industry standard classification system similar in function to Standard Industry Classification (SIC) and North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) for classifying business activities. This classification scheme allows economists and others to compare companys' economic activities on a statistics basis similar to how TL 9000 product categories allow TL 9000 performance data (PDRs) to be compared.

TL 9000 registrants select the NACE code that best describes their business in the hardware, software, and service registration option as appropriate and enters the NACE classification code on their TL 9000 private registration profile. These codes are then used to qualify auditors for TL 9000 registrations.

Download the appropriate tables to determine the hardware, software, or service NACE codes for the TL 9000 registration. If the TL 9000 registration does not have a hardware, software, or service option then None is entered.

  • NACE Codes (Revision 2) for Product Category Tables (XLSX)
  • NACE Codes (Revision 2) for Product Category Tables (PDF)
  • NACE Codes (Revision 1) for Product Category Tables