Q&A - Auditors

The Contact Us function at the top of every page on the tl9000.org and questforum.org websites are the preferred means for asking questions and receiving answers from the subject matter experts of the QuEST Forum. Over the last few years many questions have been answered through this means. The number of each question is the ticket number in the Contact Us tracking system.

These questions generally relate to issues of interest to or about auditors.

Question 12870 — Is the re-qualification day based on the day the examination is passed? For example, if an auditor has passed R 5.0 upgrade in October 2013, is their re-qualification due in October 2016?

Answer —  No. Timing of requalification is not based on when training is completed but on when the CB performs its re-qualification of the auditor as a TL Auditor, Lead Auditor or TIEA every three years, per the TL 9000 Auditor Qualifications document located on the tl9000.org website. TL 9000 Auditor Qualifications document located on the tl9000.org website.

Release 6.0 Answer - The answer is the same as above, however, with the TL 9000 Rel 6, auditors must be re-qualified under the new release by September 16, 2018 (in alignment with the change to ISO 9001 to :2015)

Question 13084 — I need to find out my current status as a certified TL 9000 auditor.

Answer — You need to contact your Certification Body. The QuEST Forum does not directly certify auditors or keep any records about certified auditors. Auditors are certified by Certification Bodies accredited by authorized Accreditation Bodies.