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Operational Benefits

Customer Relationship Benefits

  • Decreases costs of product life cycle management, audits, supplier
    management expenses, and general operations
  • Delivers improvements in
    • Performance in manufacturing and service
    • Productivity
    • Reliability of processes and production
    • Life-cycle management
    • Supply chain efficiencies
    • Employee teamwork
  • Increases the efficiency of external audits and site visits
  • Ensures operational consistency
  • Quantifies performance results
  • Provides access to a greater customer base
  • Enhances competitive position
  • Improves customer service and overall satisfaction
  • Establishes a method to gather and measure quality and performance data
  • Demonstrates a commitment to product quality and customer value through focus on cycle-time reductions; on-time deliveries; return rates; reliability; and defect elimination
  • Demonstrates the company‚Äôs accountability and focus on continual improvement
  • Enables the development of stronger customer/supplier relationships