Goal Setting and Reporting Results

How did you set goals and use them in reporting results internally and to customers?

  • Lucent - Goal Setting

    Lucent is a participant in NESAC, a consortium of North American Service Providers (SPs). As part of this relationship, Lucent participates with the SPs and other suppliers in setting annual goals for the measurements these customers want to see. This was initially only the RQMS measurement, but is now transforming into the TL 9000 set. NESAC has been a valuable forum to gain consensus with customers and competitors on what the goals should be for each measurement (what used to be RQMS and now moving into the TL 9000 measurements). After the annual goals are set, NESAC meets with the vendors twice a year (face to face) to review product performance against the goals. Quarterly reports are also provided to NESAC members. For each measurement that misses the objective, the vendor is required to have a corrective action plan.

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  • Nortel - Goal Setting

    Using RQMS and RQMS precedence. On occasion use customer contractual expectations. Another method we employed is having a central approval team to ensure objectives are set with a certain level of consistency. Due to the centralized nature of our reporting team we also maintain objectives in one location. We expect to use UTD benchmarks to supplement our methods once the benchmarks are more accurate

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  • Nortel - Reporting Measurements to Customers

    We run hundreds of different customer/product views every month for customer engagement. These are a natural by-product of the existing reporting infrastructure.

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  • Nortel - Reporting Measurements Internally

    Web repository manages the documents. The actual documents are built using proprietary methods via PowerPoint/PDF.

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  • Nortel - Use of TL 9000 Measurements to Drive Improvement

    The set of questions do really fit this question. We can fix what we don’t measure. We use measurement so we have facts to base our decision. We treat our customer the same way. More often than not things are decided based on emotion. This takes all the emotion out of the decision making process.

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  • Nortel - Use of Benchmarks from the MRS

    Introduction not available.

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