Cost Benefit Analysis

How did you handle cost benefit analysis in the registration during your implementation?


    BIZPHYX is a consulting company that provides counsel and advice for TL 9000 implementation. For cost/benefit analysis or TL 9000 ROI-type analysis, they recommend that their customers use an activity based cost stream methodology. They would pick the processes that would be highly impacted by TL 9000 implementation and do an activity-based cost study, (e.g., map out the process and define all of its activities, determine how much time it takes to do various activities, determine the base cost of the person, systems, etc. performing the activities and then develop a baseline process cost). In this baseline study, the client determines the quality performance rate and amount of rework, and factors that into the baseline costs. After TL implementation and registration, they would perform the same activity-based cost study to determine the financial impact/benefit of TL.

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